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What Can Fat Freezing Help You With?

It is a highly effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment that’s pain-free, non-invasive and shown to have incredible results. It removes unwanted fat cells, allowing you to get rid of stubborn pockets of body fat and smooth and sculpt your figure. Making it an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction.

It can help you with:

  • Belly fat – Including upper abdomen, lower abdomen and “love handles” 

  • Thighs – Including inner thigh, outer thigh and “saddlebags”

  • Upper arms – Including bingo wings

  • The chin 

  • The hips and buttocks 

  • Back fat

  • Banana roll - under bum

Why Choose Fat Freezing?

Your body stores fat in fat cells located in various parts of your body. Some people naturally have more fat cells than others and the number of fat cells you carry tends not to change, even when you lose weight. This can make it incredibly hard for some people to achieve a smooth, toned figure through just diet and exercise alone.

What usually happens when you diet or exercise is that the fat cells get emptied, leading to a reduction in volume – but they are still there ready to fill back up and creating that stubborn pocket of extra weight that just won’t seem to shift.

The treatment destroys the fat cells, which prompts your body to remove them through your natural waste clearance systems. This leaves you with fewer fat cells and a smoother, firmer figure.

How Does It Work?

The way Fat Freezing works is wonderfully simple.

Using the best machines availble in NI, I reduce the temperature down to the point at which the fat cells can no longer survive (around -6 degrees). This causes the fat cells to crystallise and disperse, leading to a permanent reduction in the number of fat cells in the area.

In the days and weeks after treatment, the destroyed cells are removed by the body’s natural processes, leaving you with a smooth, toned and sculpted appearance.

Because fat cells die at warmer temperatures than the rest of the body’s cells, including skin, muscles and vital organs, we can permanently reduce the number of fat cells in your body without causing damage to any other cells.

After Your Treatment

After treatment, you can usually resume your usual schedule immediately – including returning to work or exercising. You will experience some numbness in the area that has been treated, however, this will resolve without any intervention. Some people get their sensation back within 2-4 hours, for others, it can take up to 24 hours.

Because your body has to clean out the destroyed fat cells naturally, the results will take a little time to start to show. Most people notice a difference within 3-4 weeks, but the best results will be visible around 8 weeks following treatment.

If you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine – and don’t put weight back on – your results can be permanent.

How quickly will I see the results from my treatment?

You might start to see some results after 2-4 weeks, but the full results will be seen after 8-12 weeks after your body has had time to naturally clear out the dead fat cells.

Does It hurt?

You will feel cold in the area and some patients report feeling a tugging sensation as the tissue is placed into the vacuum. However, the cold temperatures numb the area and most patients report feeling very comfortable during the treatment.

How Long do the Results Last For?

Once the fat cells are dead and removed, they are gone forever. However, if you gain weight again then your body can create new fat cells in the area that you had treated. A good diet and exercise should help prevent this from happening.

Is It Safe?

It is an FDA approved treatment that has been shown to be very safe.

There’s no general anaesthetic, no surgery and no incisions required, so there’s no risk of any of the complications that these can cause.

You might experience some bruising and redness following your treatment, but this should resolve in a few days.


A comprehensive after care sheet will be given to you post treatment in order for you to get the best results. It is all very simple and mainly involves drinking 2 litres of water a day in order to flush out the dead fat cells 


  • What Result Should I Expect?

Generally, noticeable effects can be seen after one course of treatment. Muscle lines will appear almost immediately. After 3-4 courses of continuous treatment, your body fat content will be low and you can easily feel your muscle lines such as vest lines. That being said, you should maintain a healthy diet to ensure body fat does not build up again.

  • How Can EMSLIM Effectively Stimulate 20,000 Muscle Contractions?

The treatment is equivalent to a real weight loss exercise, electromagnetic energy is used on the treated area, triggering supramaximal contractions and allowing muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously.

  • How Long Does EMSLIM Treatment Interval Take?

Normally, each treatment takes 30 minutes and each full course consists of 4 treatments. Allow at least 2 to 3 days in between treatments. Ideally, 4 to 5 courses within a year will help achieve the best results.

  • How Will I Feel Right After One Treatment?

When experiencing the whole treatment, you can feel the muscles being grabbed by a burst of energy again and again, without causing any pain. After the treatment, the muscle of the treated part may be sore and slightly fatigued. The body will feel like it has just gone through a lot of exercises. After that, any follow-up treatment will be more adaptable and relaxed.

  • How Long-lasting Are the Results?

The treatment causes irreversible apoptosis, which proves that any result will be long-lasting.



CryoPen is suitable for those suffering from:

  • Warts, 

  • Skin tags, 

  • Cherry angiomas, 

  • Milia, Scars, 

  • Resistant hyperpigmentation, 

  • Age spots, 

  • Liver spots, 

  • Solar lentigo, 

  • Verrucae, Popular nevi, 

  • Small birth marks, 

  • Hyperplasia,


Yes – the CryoPen ensures consistent freezing, as a result of a guaranteed temperature indicator. The use of CryoPen® greatly reduces the risk of burns in comparison to previous similar techniques.


The sensation of CryoPen® is that of extreme cold, or a slight ‘burning’. However, treatment time is quick and normally lasts no more than a few minutes. There is no need for patients to receive topical anaesthetic.


There is very little to no downtime following the procedures however, the treated area can be a little tender over the following days.


Full healing is normally achieved within 1-2 weeks, once the skin crust has fallen off and brand-new skin has been revealed. The CryoPen® leaves minimal to no scarring whatsoever.

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